Angelic Conflict - The InvisIble War

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The Movie is currently UNDER PRODUCTION

What is The Angelic Conflict The Movie: The Invisible War - A documentary covering the invisible war that started prior to the creation of man and will end when the evil one (Satan, The Devil, Lucifer), the beast (The Anti-Christ), and 1/3 of the fallen angels will be tormented day and night forever and ever.

As believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, we are here today to bring light into the darkness while the remaining 2/3 of the angels and believers in the church age are waiting to celebrate the return of our King.

This film will bring to light all the darkness that surrounds us including many that are in the pulpits around the world today. And how millions of believers are living with a "Hope So Salvation".

This film will be FREE and available to all those with an internet connection and a DVD player.

Are you doing your part?
Are those around you trying to keep you from fulling God's plan for your life...WELCOME TO THE ANGELIC CONFLICT!